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Silver Cups

Sterling silver cups are handmade by raising sheets of silver into volumetric forms. Details and designs are chased & repoussé into the vessels. All work is done by hand.

Grate - Silver Cup Set

Hand raised from silver sheet, these cups are made by hammering silver over steel stakes in repetitive courses to form a volumetric hollow vessel. Designs are added through the process of chasing & repoussé

silver cups

From Bullion To Cups

Bullion is bars or ingots of gold, silver and other precious metals. The purity and mass of bullion bars are specific and regulated by market bodies. This bar was 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.
The bar was first cut in half using a chisel which split the bar like a knife instead of a saw which would create a kerf and subsequent loss of material. Once split the two chunks of bullion are hammered on an anvil, thinning and rounding, into a flat disc. When the disc is shaped the raising process begins. The first step is sinking, hammering the discs into a wooden block with a concave dish to form a shallow bowl. Once a bowl shape is formed successive courses of hammering are performed to “raise” the wall of the cups.